3 Gifts To Keep Your Partner Jolly All 12 Days of Xmas

Men are very interesting creatures, they either care or not at all. When they get really into a new hobby or sport, you’ll probably notice one thing, they will put a reasonable amount of time and money into it, despite it only being a hobby. Cycling, aqua scaping, computer or keyboard building, just to name a few. Well here’s a hobby you can get your man to start, that will definitely benefit him and even you - proper grooming! Most times, the male species is uninterested in proper skincare, facial grooming and grooming below the belt. They know they have a partner that loves them and that’s all that matters! What seems to be unquestionably simple to them may be extremely frustrating to you. It’s not about the presentation of the man, it’s about the effort the man makes to look presentable.

If you’re looking for a place to get him started, here are a few brands and gift ideas for you to peak his interest and get him interested in the world of proper grooming and the modern gentleman!

Edwin Jagger
has been producing high-quality wet shaving equipment in both traditional and contemporary forms since 1988. The brand is internationally renowned for its beautiful workmanship, which is achieved through the combination of traditional design, carefully selected materials, industry-leading manufacturing techniques, and artisan hand finishing. Dedication that is driven by quality craftsmanship - superiority that is second to none.  A brand that is known for its adherence to quality and is used by discerning wet shavers all around the world.

The traditional Double Edged (DE) Safety Razor line is a great place to start for discerning gentlemen that are new and are looking for a product that’s solid, efficient and simplistically beautiful. A full brass frame with a closed comb razor head that is ergonomic and aesthetically finished with high quality chrome plating. With a sturdy hand built stand, and shaving brush with the softest synthetic bristles, comparable to silver tip badger bristle brushes.  A 3-piece combo that will turn any man into a polished, respectable gentleman. 

Groomed Man Co.
were frustrated with skincare that promised a lot but didn't deliver which is why they’ll never cut corners on quality.To them, quality doesn't imply slapping 0.001% unicorn hair on the bottle just for the sake of it. It entails locating the best natural and synthetic elements, mixing them into a killer product. Blending cutting-edge research with environmentally friendly, natural substances - jojoba oil, rosemary extract, ucuuba butter, activated charcoal, and green tea, just to name a few. Sourced from the best growers all around the world, using them in big amounts guaranteeing big results. 

For our burly, traditional gentlemen sporting a healthy facial mane, the ‘Morning Wood’ beard oil and beard balm are a magnificent interchangeable duo to keep facial hair conditions in check! The beard oil will moisturise, strengthen the follicles, preventing split ends while providing healthy facial hair growth conditions. The beard balm can do all the great things the beard oil can while also doubling as a skin moisturiser. The ‘Morning Wood’ duo sports a refreshing woody scent that will definitely get you into the mood. Guaranteeing a man that's manly but supple!


Founded in 2021, The folks at
Nether's have long believed that hygiene should not be limited to what others may see, smell, or feel. Hygiene is, for the most part, incredibly personal. It is critical to keep the lower regions clean in order to sustain sexual wellness. A person who is sanitary about his or her privates will have better sexual connections in general. Yes, relationships start on the outside, but what better way to seal the deal than to be well groomed on the inside as well

Targeting men who care about how they present themselves, with or without pants, the brand advocates below the belt hygiene and sexual health. Its pilot product, the ‘Undercut Trimmer’ strives to achieve a tidy nether region, using quality tools and at an affordable price. With a non-slip, ergonomic and IPX6 waterproof rating, shower-shave sessions are a breeze! Fitted with a 6000rpm,  quiet yet powerful motor, and a 90 minute shave time, it’ll take on any bush with high precision without nicking your man, all thanks to Nethersafe™ Technology. Be careful ladies, he might have too much fun manscaping he’ll forget who he’s doing it for! Tidiness to Manliness!

Three amazing brands providing high quality products that will definitely get your man started into something that he never thought would be worth the effort, time and money. A 3 hit combo for face and the nether region that would turn the even the Grinch into a jolly old man! He’ll be happy, but more importantly, you’ll be happy-er!


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