Best Christmas Gift Ideas For The Men In Your Life

Best Christmas Gift Ideas For The Men In Your Life

Avoid the hassle of last-minute panic buying with SGPomades’ picks of the best Christmas gifts. We have scoured our catalogues to find the most giftable products for every man in your life. From partners to parents, best friends to boyfriends, colleagues to something for Secret Santa, our gift guides contain all the inspiration you need when shopping for your loved ones.

Meaningful Gifts For Friends To Show That You Care:
Analogue Apotik Solid Colognes

The Analogue Apotik Solid Colognes are a great gift option for friends or Secret Santa. These handcrafted and travel-friendly solid colognes contain an alcohol-free formulation, which ensures no irritation and breakouts on the skin.

Ubersuave Homme Extrait de Parfum
Fragrances are typically the go-to option for Christmas gifts. Perfumes are considered as a token of affection and it shows your friends and work buddies that you care as they know you have put a lot of thought into who the recipient is and what they might like. The Ubersuave Homme Extrait de Parfum has a long-lasting scent of up to 12 hours, making it an excellent mood booster.

Gifts For Brothers That’ll Make You His Favourite Sibling:

Fundamental Duo
Free Gift: LUMIN Touchless Face Mist (worth $18)

The perfect gift for your sibling to encourage him to start caring for his skin. The LUMIN Fundamental Duo is the dynamic duo his face needs. Featuring natural ingredients, this pair safely eliminates oil and grime buildup from pores while keeping the skin hydrated all day and night. You will start noticing his face looking healthier in no time and he will certainly appreciate you for it!

 Ubersuave Eco-Razor Essential Shaving Set


If your sibling is still using the usual cartridge razors, get him to ditch them. The Eco-Razor series is the greener alternative that is built to last. This shaving set is the ideal starting point for sophisticated men who are looking for a simple yet functional one that promises a barbershop experience with every shave.

Thoughtful Gifts Your Dad Will Love:
Proraso Vintage Selection Gift Set

Give your dad a premium Italian shaving experience with the Proraso Vintage Selection Gift Set. Each set includes a Pre-Shave Cream, Shaving Cream, and Aftershave Balm in a collectible tin with iconic advertisements from the 1950s as a nod to the brand's history.

LUMIN Age Management System
Free Gift: LUMIN Touchless Face Mist (worth $18)

It’s hard to go wrong with Lumin’s Age Management Set to gift your dad the ultimate anti-ageing skincare experience and help keep him in his prime! Our targeted age recovery routine is built to restore and pinpoint the signs of early ageing, a.k.a. wrinkles, under-eye bags, and sun damage. Because they’re not trying to look 20 years younger, just the best version of themselves. Ageing gracefully never looked so good.

Henson Shaving AL13 Double Edge Safety Razor - V3
If your dad frequently experiences skin irritation and razor bumps from shaving, the Henson AL13 Safety Razors are perfect for achieving an extremely precise shave while eliminating shaving irritation and cuts. What’s more, it is made from aerospace-grade aluminum which guarantees the longevity of the razor, and he no longer needs to replace razors!

Romantic Gifts For Your Special Someone:
Nethers Undercut Trimmer 2.0
Ladies, we know you love your man trimmed. And because we are passionate about the nether regions of men, we know what’s best for them. The Nethers Undercut Trimmer 2.0 is not only waterproof and ergonomic, but it also incorporates Nether Safe Technology that features a compact shaving clipper head with tightly spaced teeth to prevent nicks and snags on your man. This is a multipurpose trimmer that can be used for underarms, leg hair, body hair, and anything in between!

Meridian Grooming The Trimmer
Free Gift: Meridian Grooming The Spray - worth $22
Another great option for below-the-belt grooming is The Trimmer by Meridian Grooming. The people at Meridian Grooming believe that shaving can optimize hygiene and enhance confidence. Take care of your partner by helping them kickstart their hygiene regimen, it’ll benefit both of you!

LUMIN Classic Maintenance
Free Gift: LUMIN Touchless Face Mist (worth $18)
Your partner may or may not know a thing or two about skincare, but the Classic Maintenance Set is a great starter pack for those who are new to their skincare journey. It is a simple 3-step skincare routine that is expertly curated and formulated for men’s skin.

With these thoughtfully curated gift guides, we are pretty certain your loved ones will absolutely appreciate them! Not to mention, we have got a series of price ranges, so whether you want to go easy on the wallet or spoil ‘em, there’s something for everyone.


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