What's up with the new trend of styling powder?

Are you constantly fighting flat hair? As someone with thin, fine hair, I literally feel your pain. When I attempt to volumize my hair with styling waxes, it lasts for a whopping 30 seconds before drooping down on me. Then I have to spend the rest of my day looking like a tired hippie.

This year there is a large influx of styling powders developed by brands in the market. These powders promise to solve all our limpy hair problems.

Originally I wasn’t really hopeful before I tried out some of the popular texture powders that we sell to treat my flat hair issue. Lo and behold, after the experience, it is now one of my favourite hair styling product category that I must include in my daily hair styling regime. 

Uppercut Deluxe Styling Powder $29


So what are texture powders?

Mister Pompadour Texture Powder $28

These powders are usually tacky and meant to give you amped up volume and texture. A small amount yields a big payoff in the volume department. 

Finer hair types tends to lay flat and lifeless so an added boost is needed. 

American Crew Boost Powder $22

Using the texture powder as a pre-styler is one of the best options for providing that initial volume to your hairstyle -  giving that instant extra oomph to your hairstyle. 

Osis+ Dust It  $15

The hair texture powder is very convenient to apply and give you a very easy spread throughout your hair. The best part is that it is a no-mess product and you do not have to worry washing your hands after applying it to your hair. A little amount is enough to set your hair style in place. 

By Vilain Blow $30

The silica in the ingredients works on rebuilding the old sheen of natural damage hair. They lock moisture in hair cuticles and strengthen hair follicles to fight against future damage.

O'douds Texture Powder $28

It keeps your hair free from tangling and frizz by making them soft, smooth and manageable all day long , adding volume to thin hair giving the look full of life from the moment you apply it.  


  • Gives your fine, flat hair an oomph by volumizing it
  • Pre & Post styling product for adding volume
  • Works well as a standalone hair styling product for short to medium length fine hair type e.g. crop top hair style
  • Only small amount is needed (Lightweight on hair)
  • Comes in small shaker bottles which are travel friendly
  • Adds radiance to dull hair
  • Colourless spread; can be applied to any hair colour easily
  • Keeps hair from tangling and frizz as it softens the hair
  • Free from hair harming chemicals


  • First time users may accidentally pour out too much powder on the hair; try pouring powder on your palms before spreading on hair
  • Wash your hair throughly at end of the day to remove buildup on the scalp
  • May dry out hair throughout the day after wearing it too long in the sun; use a nourishing hair conditioner or apply hair tonic at end of the day

Key Ingredient of Texture Powder: 

Silica Silylate: emollient (Soften and sooth properties) , binder, thickening agent, anticaking agent, bulking agent, slip modifier (help substances to flow more easily and smoothly but no rxn)


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