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MORE THAN JUST A SPRITZ: The perfume How-To you didn't know you needed;

You buy a new bottle of your favourite perfume, you’re excited! Your upcoming days are going to be filled with compliments of how good you smell, but before you even take that plastic cover off the box, here’s a few tips that will help you make full use of that bottle!


How To Apply Perfume (Properly)


There’s more than one way to a cat. Some work great, while others are just a waste of time. A fragrance should be applied to the skin, on pre-determined zones and left to dry naturally. 

One should never rub the perfume into the skin. Doing so ruins the fragrance as it breaks down the top notes, affecting its natural life cycle. 


Spraying a fragrance cloud and then walking into it does get replicated a lot on the TV. In actual fact, it’s just plain silly and also a waste of perfume. The perfume will most likely be on the floor and the room you were in, instead of being on your skin. 

There’s no actual need to spray an extra couple more times thinking it will last longer in the day. Doing so, only makes the initial scent stronger but in actual fact, the essential oils will still wear off at the same time as they would have with two squirts.

Is There an Ideal Spray Distance

Every perfume atomizer has a different spray pattern. Some shoot narrow and straight, whilst others have a wider spread. In any case, the general shape of the spray is a cone that spreads like a shotgun spell. Your job is to find a good balance between concentration and a good spread. This sweet spot is usually at 70% of the atomizer’s maximum spray range (20cm).

What is a Scent Bubble/Sphere or Projection Sphere

The scent bubble is the idea of creating a virtual bubble that follows you. The key is to ensure that the fragrance’s projection is within a controlled area. This is achieved by carefully picking the spray locations. There’s a level of mystery and seduction when those around you only smell hints of the fragrance when you are nearby. Perfumes are intimate and mysterious, you want that element of surprise that is gentle but impactful. They are an extension of you, that is forward yet intimate. Times when your fragrance should be noticeable is when you are talking face to face with them, leaning in for a handshake and when you walk past them.

There are a million spray location combinations that one can use to manipulate the scent bubble, but let’s start with the basic areas that are ideal spray zones.

  1. Behind The Ears (Pulse Point)
  2. Jugulars (Pulse Point)
  3. Base of The Throat
  4. Nape 
  5. Chest
  6. Shoulder Joints

In no means should one spray on all these parts. A careful combination of areas should be selected, depending on the occasion, to best achieve an appropriate projection sphere. 


Scent Sphere’s for Every Occasion.

Before applying perfume, one should be conscious of what they will be doing or where they will be going as it will determine where best to apply these fragrances. 

One should also be aware that fragrances are not swiss army knives, there should not be a one size fit all perfume. Certain fragrances are better suited for a date night or the club, whilst others are better for daily office settings. Perfume strengths should also be taken into account, the heavier the scent, the less one should spray, no one likes a walking air freshener. 

Four common occasions have been selected along with what we feel are the best spray zones, specific to each occasion. 


You'll be spending the day in close proximity to others, no wind, no scent pollution. As a result, use a non-invasive projection sphere to respect their personal space.

You'll want this to be barely visible from across someone's desk for full impact. When you get closer, however, there will be a faint presence.

It's important to remember that seduction isn't always romantic. When you lean in for a handshake, think about how you'd like to entice friends and clients.


A projection sphere can be ruined by wind, pollution, crowds, and other environmental factors. Keep in mind, however, that you may spend time indoors when traveling to your destination or shopping. As a result, you'll have to compensate in order to build a flexible sphere.

When turning about, the nape (back of the neck) is a perfect spray zone. When moving, it leaves a slight trace, but when stationary, it radiates on the spot. Use this as a focal point, and use sprays behind the ears to strengthen it against environmental factors.


In a club, fragrances are a battleground of desperation and nasal violation.

The effectiveness of a standard projection sphere will be limited. As a result, the goal is for it to be large enough to distinguish itself from the crowd. However, keep it in check so that it doesn't become too overwhelming for those who are in your immediate vicinity.

It's similar to outdoor settings, but with fragrance applied to the shoulders to strengthen the sphere's extremities.


This time, the scent should seduce them and draw them in. It's a fine line to walk, and finding the right balance can be difficult. Choose a lowered, projection sphere that centers around the base of the neck.

When it comes to using fragrances on a date, there are two schools of thought. You either seduce someone romantically or passionately, and if you play your cards right, you could meet someone special. 

You want the scent to be a warm blanket that envelops them romantically. You definitely want them to stay, so a quick squirt at the base of the throat should be more than enough.

If throes of passion are more likely, a bolder fragrance option and sphere are maybe more desirable. This entails maintaining a tight but intense sphere. One hit on the jugular, and another on the chest should give you centralised coverage.

Now that you have a better understanding of how to apply fragrances the right way, give it a go, and make sure that you have the right perfume for the occasion too. Here’s a few you can start with!


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