SGPomades has always been (to the extend of our knowledge) promoting and selling items that are free from animal-cruelty. 


Badger hair is widely known for its supply of hair for shaving brushes, paint brushes and even makeup brushes. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) made an investigation recently that revealed that these badgers are indeed bred in captivity and treated mercilessly. These poor badgers were kept in hellish living conditions, including being imprisoned in cramped wire cages. Badgers are extremely social animals, but being kept in confinement on badger-hair farm, they often suffer from captivity-induced psychosis and gaping, untreated wounds. These badgers can be seen going insane, injuring themselves and one was even found to have chewed off one of its legs.

It is a common sight at the slaughterhouse, the workers will use any object that was handy to bash them in the head. One worker was seen to be beating a crying badger over the head with a chair, left it to bleed in excruciating pain and slit its throat. One badger was still convulsing after his throat was cut. Horrific videos of the way these animals were bred and killed can be found online. WARNING GRAPHIC SCENES OF CAPTIVATED AND KILLED BADGERS

So other than the badger-hair brushes, what kind of brushes can you use? High quality synthetic brushes can be found readily available on the market at an affordable rate. Let us share why synthetic brushes are better. Firstly, synthetic brushes dry a lot faster after use and since the synthetic fibre dries so quickly, the bristles do not suffer from ‘wet dog’ smells overtime. In addition, synthetic fibres are much softer as compared to coarse bristles of badger-hair brushes. With all these good qualities about synthetic brushes, you have every reason to SAY NO TO BADGER-HAIR BRUSHES.


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