The Right Shaver For You

The Right Shaver For You

The ritual of shaving regularly would be a big stepping stone to some, where it would be a rite of passage to adulthood. This ritualistic process would signify the coming of age. It can be an enjoyable process, and it should be as one takes their time going through each step with precision and delicate attention. It is more than just a grooming routine - it's a very calming and almost therapeutic experience. These shaving enthusiasts would also usually spend lots of time and money in search of the best tools and accessories for the job. 

Conversely, those who find it as just an annoying chore, wouldn’t care less about the tool or the surrounding peripherals available to them in the market. Shaving to them, would just be any other routine that they are reminded to do when they finish rubbing their eyes in front of the bathroom mirror, if they want to look presentable to say the least. Well one thing is for sure, the shaving market has amassed a wide range of products over the years that can suit the needs of any shaver.

Straight Razors & Straight Razor Shavettes 

Straight razor shavettes are the modern iteration of the classic barber straight razor - the same one Sweeny Todd uses to ‘shave’ his clients. What was once a rectangular blade attached to a cover or guard, has now become a very standard item you see in barber shops. It saves time by using disposable razor blades instead of having to sharpen the blade on a leather strap before each shave, and more importantly it’s more hygienic. 

The learning curve is steep when using these razors, as it requires finding out the right angle for your face and then being able to replicate that each stroke. But once you’ve perfected this art, make sure to shave in front of your partner, because you’ll look super sexy.

Double Edged Safety Razor

The double edged safety razor is the predecessor of the most common form of razor in everyone’s bathroom (cartridge razors). Widely popularised in the 1900s by King Camp Gillette, the double edge safety razor is the perfect introductory razor for those who are interested in trying out a traditional wet shave. The razor has the term “safety” in it because of the safety bar that flattens the skin before the razor reaches the surface. The double edged safety razor is  a lot easier to work with due to the weight it carries. Usually made out of a metallic alloy, the extra mass helps to guide the glide, preventing any unnecessary pressure application that may lead to cuts. 

Being the elder brother of today’s cartridge razor, the shaving angle and shaving direction would be quite instinctive if one were to try it for the first time, transitioning from your standard disposable razor.  Most standard double edged safety razors have fixed shaving angles, however, nowadays, it’s not hard to find double edged safety razors that have adjustable shaving heads that can tackle any form of facial hair. 

Cartridge Razor

The cartridge razor is probably what most of the planet’s male population first used when they learned how to shave their facial peach fuzz. Safe, easy to learn and most importantly, inexpensive, the cartridge razor has been dominating the shaving market ever since its creation in the early 70s. Being the go-to shaving apparatus for almost every men grooming routine.

With the male grooming scene’s growing and competitive landscape ahead, cartridge razors have become so advanced that razors used for the traditional wet shaves, become more of a novel experience, than a necessity. 

This has pushed companies to create razors that look nothing like one, but feels, shaves, and works just as good, if not better than a Gillette Mach 3. As the planet continues to wage its war on plastic, companies have been going out of their way to create such razors that are not cartridge razors but share the same silhouette. Others even began creating  high quality razor handles that can attach the most popular Gillette models - if you can’t beat em join em. 

Electric Shaver

The electric shaver could probably be the next best thing after sliced bread. Invented and patented by Jacob Schick in 1930, the electric razor was small, quiet, and did the job well enough without getting your face and top wet or even having to stand in front of the bathroom sink. The electric razor is the perfect tool for those who do not need that super close shave. Light stubble may even be the desired look. 

A few down points could be its higher price point, a slightly more complicated cleaning process as well as the need to charge or replace its power source. Whatever it is, the shaving consensus is clear, minimal to zero cuts, super quick and easy to use, where precision is not the key focus. 

Now let's see what kind of shaver type you are! These categorizations may or may not relate to you but if you do shave, at least one of them will relate to you. 

You’re A Purveyor of All Things Grooming

You’re all about it and you know all about it. Keeping yourself updated with the latest and greatest brands and tech that the shaving market has to offer. It is more than a hobby, it's a lifestyle. You are not only just into shaving, you are also into everything that has to do with male grooming; hairstyling, facial hair and everything under the male grooming spectrum. There’s a good chance that you’re the one recommending the best products to your mates, because you’ve most likely tried them all. There’s no need to actually recommend a razor to you because you probably already know what works best for you. We too know you have an immaculate shaving set, complete with the best badger hair shaving brush, a glistening shaving bowl with a quality shaving soap, as well as an intoxicatingly pleasant aftershave to seal the deal.

You’re Kinda Interested

You’ve just started out in this journey of male grooming and you’re willing to spend a little more money on some quality tools and accessories that will aid you in this conquest - of wanting to look smart and dapper. You’ve started reading all about the different types of razors that exist and you’re probably the one reading this now. We’d recommend starting with a high quality double edged safety razor for you to wean off the cartridge razor shaving angle. If it's still too much of an extreme jump, there are popular shaving brands that make high quality shaving razor handles that can fit popular cartridge razors like The Gillette Mach 3 and Fusion. However, it's best to continue using a shaving cream aerosol can to see if you actually like doing a traditional wet shave with a traditional double edged safety razor.

You Can’t Be Bothered

You shave because you have to, and you probably find it a chore. You want to look good for work or to be able to date, but you couldn’t care less about what you use, and those multipack disposable razors are probably your go to shaving apparatus - no cream or lubrication, just water. You just need something that works. With no judgement at all, everyone has probably been through that at one point or another, some are probably still there. Though it doesn’t mean you’re unkept, it just means that either you don’t see the value in expensive toiletries or you see value in the actual end goal rather than the means of reaching the end. That's totally okay! Most times, people in this category would stick to their Gillette Mach 3s or Fusions but they forget that the blade cartridges are the expensive bits, they get you just like printer ink! Pairing a reasonably priced double edged safety razor with cheap razor blades will save you a tonne of money in the long run when compared to those plastic cartridge razors.

Fact of the matter is, you can be either one of these categories, or you switched between categories during different stages of life or even be two at the same time! The point being made here is that you can shave however you want and there shouldn't be any judgement, and most importantly, no one can tell you otherwise. At the end of the day the general consensus is clear, you want to shave and that’s what’s most important - grooming when and where it matters most.


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