MUHLE Traditional 3-Piece Shaving Set - R41 Safety Razor (Open Comb) & Silvertip Badger Brush - Chrome

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SKU: MUH-S091M41
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  • Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush
  • Open Comb Safety Razor
  • Chrome-plated Metal Stand
  • Made in Germany


Where traditional design meets brilliant quality, the famous MÜHLE Traditional Range is a minor miracle of accuracy, ergonomics, and beauty.

The MÜHLE chrome option finish is long-lasting and corrosion-resistant, providing unrivaled quality and longevity.

Silvertip Badger

Only the best, hand-selected badger hair is used to make these handcrafted shaving brushes, which are natural, soft, and flexible. Silvertip badger hair is the highest grade, softest, and rarest badger hair available. The hair is known for its ability to hold a lot of water, allowing the brush to create a deep, solid, and creamy lather quickly.

The semi-circular shape of the brush is produced by hand when binding, utilizing ancient techniques. As a result, the delicate tips of the hair do not need to be trimmed, and the hair's inherent softness is preserved. Only a few specialists in the world have mastered this artisan method, as seen by the even black ring running through the primarily silver brush head.

Open Comb Safety Razor

A high-end shave cream that delivers a close, long-lasting shave. This safety razor eliminates the need for single-use plastic, making it a true investment piece. Growing worry about the environmental repercussions of disposable plastic makes this an excellent choice for the ecologically minded, since it reduces both unnecessary plastic waste and undesirable environmental affects while maintaining precision.

The safety razor with open teeth comb was created with experienced wet shavers in mind, allowing for a more forceful, direct shaving style. Men with denser, stronger beard growth prefer the blade since it is less prone to become blocked by stubble and residues. By unscrewing the Safety Razor's head, you may quickly replace the blades.

Brush Part
Brush Holder Grip Compatibility