MUHLE Traditional R41 TWIST Double Edge Safety Razor - Open Comb

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  • Safety razor – open comb
  • Smooth and perfect shave
  • Designed not to apply pressures during shaving
  • Its depth of cut allows very often not to have to make successive passes in the opposite direction
  • Recommended for men with a very thick beard regrowth
  • Dimensions: 41mm x 107mm
  • Weight: 90g
  • Made in Germany


Without chrome, the world would lose a lot of its glitter. The MUHLE chromium plating used on all Razors is of the finest quality; corrosion resistance and extra long durability are two of the main benefits, not to mention that the chrome MUHLE are also elegant and seductive.

The new Muhle R41 Twist safety razor is a highly helpful precision mechanical. By turning the washer at the end of the handle, the head of the razor may be released, while the comb plate remains firmly connected to the handle and does not move, making blade changing more easier and more intuitive.

The Muhle R41 Twist is an open comb razor created and developed for wetshavers with a lot of expertise. As with all safety razors, the blade is held in place by the curvature of the head, but the blade's angle of inclination is purposefully aggressive, making the Muhle R41 a highly vigorous razor. On the other hand, the combination of combs and plate teeth ensures that cut hairs do not clog the razor, decreasing the number of times you must clear the residues while shaving. Cleanup is also a breeze with its one-of-a-kind design.