Arcadian Grooming

Manned and created by Eric Dale, Arcadiam Grooming is a hair and skincare powerhouse based out of Knoxville, TN. The brand utilises a small team to pump out quality products all around the world.





The Clay Pomade is a matte finish clay that has a smooth texture allowing smoother application. A medium to firm hold allows restyling throughout the day, that is both flexible and slightly gritty. For more hold, the rosa styling clay is a banger! Containing rose infused water as a base for a smooth scent too. For the most hold , go for the matte paste which has the roughest texture and the strongest hold out of all the matte products.


For a classic or formal occasion , the Styling Pomade is just what you need. Firm Hold , Low shine and as slick you want it to be. This product gives you the classic Mad Men and Peaky Blinders look , giving you the vibes of a gentleman with an ambitious goal.


If you're looking for something more lightweight and easy to use , the Texture Spray might be the answer. This product provides a textured finish with a bit of hold only hair after a few sprays. Imagine your hair after a day at the beach where the salty air has turned it into a sexy effortless surfer-do.


The Banana Face Wash is a gentle and hydrating daily cleanser. Its, luxurious, creamy formula was designed to get the day's accumulated dirt away without stripping the face of any healthy oils that keep your skin feeling soft and flake free. You won't even need to moisturise post facial wash!