Perfume Diffuser

SHARECO - Essential Oil Diffuser 160ml

SHARECO - Essential Oil Diffuser 160ml

$45.00 SGD
Scents Available ACID-MOLLY PERFUME DIFFUSER 160ML -  Top Notes: Rose, Cypress Middle Notes: Sandalwood, Cedar Base Notes: Amber, Musk, Brazilian Redtree VENUS-FLYTRAP PERFUME DIFFUSER 160ML -  Top Notes: Bergamot Middle Notes: Sandalwood, Lavender Base Notes: Lingling Xiangdou,...

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Perfume diffusers are popular home fragrance products that allow the aroma to continuously diffuse into the air throughout an entire room or area. Compared to scented candles, reed diffusers produce fragrances that usually last longer and don't require an open flame. We guarantee only 100% authentic items on our platform so your purchase is definitely worth the spend. Our prices are also very competitive when compared to what’s out there in the market. We do our best to ensure that all products are kept affordable for our clients. Yet to try us out? What are you waiting for? SGPomades offers only the most seamless shopping experience you can ever find. We dare say that there are no other brands as unique as ours.

An Extensive Range Of Perfume Diffuser In Singapore

You must be wondering why is there even a need for a wide range of EDP Perfume? Well, the simple answer is that each individual’s scent preference is different.

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