The Bluebeards Revenge

Established in 2010, The Bluebeards Revenge is a men’s shave, beard, hair, and body grooming brand based in the South West of England. From its coastal roots, it has amassed a global appeal thanks to its light-hearted approach to serious skin, beard, and hair care.

Keeping The Planet Clean
Their mission to provide all-conquering shave, beard, hair, and body products to men all over the world is completely pointless if there’s no planet for those guys to live on!

That’s why they believe the responsibility to keep our planet clean belongs to each and every one of us. As a brand, they aim to do their part in shaping a better future, but they will need your help to make that a reality…

From a focus on ensuring the use of plastic is responsible and all of the products now being 100% vegan, they always striving to be better