Ubersuave Inc. - The mission to help discerning individuals like you to discover your All Natural Confidence™ easily through use of our products. Confidence is in appearances, by appearances and beyond appearances. Ubersuave hopes everyone can find in their company an advocate and promoter of all natural confidence — it’s in your genes, don’t doubt it.

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Ubersuave Eco-Razor Chrome Silver Butterfly Open Double Edge Razor SGPomades Discover Joy in Self Care

Eco-Razor Series

The Ubersuave Eco Razor Double Edged Safety Razor is the perfect beginner’s tool for any individual that wants to take shaving or personal grooming seriously. A full brass body that’s ergonomic and comfortable, allowing a smooth and close shave with every razor pass. The perfect combination of practicality and design that will give you a barbershop level shave each time. 

Hair Styling Series

The Ubersuave Matte Wax is the ideal styling wax for definition creation. A super smooth water soluble formula that guarantees easy application and washout. A gentle yet sophisticated Floral Lavender aroma that teases the user and anyone around him. Providing a natural matte finish with a firm hold that's malleable but stays styled throughout the entire day. Versatility and practicality that makes it Ubersuave’s best rated product.

Ubersuave Seaweed Shampoo 500ml (Anti Hair-loss, Anti Dandruff & Hair Thickening) SGPomades Discover Joy in Self Care

Hair Care Series

The Ubersuave Seaweed Shampoo is the underdog in your grooming routine. A research and tested salon grade formula that contains marine herbal seaweed extracts that aids in strengthening the hair while adding moisture, nourishment and elasticity - preventing any shaft breakage. Resulting in a fuller, more shiny and healthier head of hair!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy Ubersuave products in Singapore

SGPomades is proud to be appointed the official online retailer for Ubersuave products in Singapore. You can buy the products on our online store, vending machines islandwide, as well as at our flagship retail stores. Click here to see all our locations.

Is Ubersuave good?

Yes! Ubersuave products have been the #1 most popular brand here in Singapore and on SGPomades for their hair pomades, waxes and clays consistently since 2015.

What products for Ubersuave have?

Ubersuave is most know for their hair styling series, however they are also very popular with their Eco-Razor Safety Razors which comes in a large assortment of colors and supplement products.

Best Ubersuave Products in Singapore From SGPomades

Here at SGPomades, we guarantee that all our products, including Ubersuave products, are 100% authentic and genuine. We take pride in importing only the highest quality Ubersuave products from overseas to here in Singapore at the best prices for you. Ubersuave strongly believes in having all-natural confidence and great smiles that come from the positive psyche within yourself. They have a worthy mission of helping individuals like you and me to discover our “All Natural Confidence” easily through the help of their products. Hear it from Ubersuave yourself: “Confidence is in appearances, by appearances, and beyond appearances. We hope everyone can find in our company an advocate and promoter of all-natural confidence — it’s in your genes, don’t doubt it.”

Why You Should Purchase Ubersuave Products From Us In Singapore

Ubersuave products have been the #1 most popular brand here in Singapore and on SGPomades for their hair pomades, waxes and clays consistently since 2015. If you’re looking for a reliable and trusted brand that’s being used by thousands of men across the world as you’re reading this, Ubersuave is the perfect choice for your hair and grooming needs.

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