Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him That Will Melt His Heart

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him That Will Melt His Heart SGPomades Discover Joy in Self Care
Valentine's Day Gifts For Men


Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him That Will Melt His Heart


With Valentine’s Day less than a month away, we know you’re probably cracking your brains thinking of the perfect Valentine’s Day for him. It’s tough, we get it. And we’re here to help! The people at SGPomades have carefully selected a range of gifts including hairstyling products, manscaping essentials, skincare, shaving basics, and fragrances that are sure to impress your partner. 



Is your partner always on top of his hair game? Surprise him with high-quality hairstyling products that will help him achieve the perfect look. Select from our range of options, such as the Ubersuave Triple Hairstyling Gift Set, featuring matte wax, clay pomade, and pomade, or the Apestomen Hairstyling Gift Set, which includes wax, clay, and a comb. These sets are sure to elevate his hairstyling routine and leave him feeling confident and stylish.


Ubersuave Triple Hairstyling Set
Apestomen Hairstyling Gift Set



It’s no secret, women love their man trimmed below-the-belt. To ensure that he trims hygienically and safely, get him a trimmer designed just for the nether regions. Help your partner trim hygienically and safely with a specialized trimmer designed for the nether regions. The Nethers Undercut Trimmer is 100% nick-free, ensuring a smooth and safe trimming experience in the bathroom. What’s more, this trimmer works wonders for grooming hair on the underarms, legs, body, everywhere in between!

Nethers Undercut Trimmer



Get him started on his skincare journey with skincare products made for men. Debonair Regimens offers skincare products that are proudly Made in Australia, featuring high-quality ingredients tailored to address specific skin concerns.The simple 3-step skincare routine is expertly curated and formulated to meet the unique needs of men’s skin, making it easy for him to kickstart his skincare journey.

Nethers Undercut Trimmer



Did you know, those disposable cartridge razors are causing in-grown hair and skin inflammation? To prevent such issues, it is best to shave with a safety razor. In addition to being more cost-effective and environmentally friendly than plastic razors, safety razors are also the choice of barbershops for a reason. Our ECO-Razor series offers a 'Green' alternative to shaving routine, providing an environmentally friendly option compared to disposable razors. Plus, your partner can enjoy a luxurious shaving experience right at home.

However, if he prefers a fast and convenient shave, electric shavers are an excellent alternative too. Skyworth Mini Electric Shavers boast a potent motor and waterproof design, catering to both dry and wet shaving preferences. Their lightweight and portable nature adds an extra layer of convenience, allowing him to even indulge in a quick shave on the go, perhaps even in the car!

Ubersuave Eco-Razor Essential Shaving Set
Skyworth Mini Pebble Electric Shaver
Skyworth Pebble 3-Head Electric Shaver
Skyworth Super Car Mini Electric Shaver



Spoil your partner with a signature scent that creates a lasting impression. The SHARECO Eau de Parfum range offers 14 captivating scents, including options suitable for women. These enchanting fragrances can last up to 8 hours. Additionally, the beautifully designed artistic packaging makes them perfect for gifting!

SHARECO Eau de Parfum

We hope you found our Valentine's Day Gift Guide helpful! If you're still in need of inspiration, why not take our quiz below for more ideas?

*Please note that the free gift promotion will end on 14 February, 23:59. While stocks last!


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