• Self-Grooming While In Self-Quarantine

    Self-Grooming While In Self-Quarantine
    Hello our fellow readers! It has been a while since you heard from us, and while everything around is either closed or postponed due to the corona-virus. A friendly reminder that SGPomades is still accepting orders and we will do our best to deliver to you your much-needed grooming necessities as always. With that said, we are here to give you some minimalist and simple grooming tips that you could do in the light of either working from home or being on Stay Home Notice. All the more with the current Zoom Meetings happening, is more...
  • *Damaged Hair Detected* - How to Avoid & Solve?

    *Damaged Hair Detected* - How to Avoid & Solve?
    Following last article on “Why is Solid Cologne the Solid Choice for you?”. We realize there might be a few grey areas of men’s grooming that would need some clarification and explanation, hopefully through our article there would be some enlightenment on such areas. Hence for this week, we would delve into the topic of hair, specifically damaged hair and what are the tell-tale signs. Rest assured, we would also provide recommendations to avoid and solve such predicament. Lack of Moisture – the paradox of this would be while dry hair is not always damaged, damaged...
  • Why is Solid Cologne the "Solid Choice" for you ?

    Why is Solid Cologne the "Solid Choice" for you ?
    Many of you (our customers) have been asking us what is solid cologne all about and the difference between solid cologne and normal colognes. Hence for this week’s article, we would delve into the realm of solid colognes. After reading this, hopefully you would have a better understanding and why it is the solid choice got you! The idea of solid colognes is not a novelty, rather it dates back to as far as Egyptian times, where it was heavily utilized for day to day usage. What constitutes the foundation of solid colognes would be natural...
  • Focus On Your Personal Hygiene !

    With wide spread concern over the well-heated topic of the Wuhan Corona virus that is taking the global world by storm. This epidemic could last for months and maybe more. As the saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure”. Let’s do our part in this movement by practicing good personal hygiene and having social responsibility. Thus, from us here in SGPomades, here’s a few recommendations of cleansing product from face to your hands and even body! To begin, our hands which are in constant contact with our surroundings. It is essential to wash one’s hand occasionally,...
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