• Spend Wisely Series: Is Skincare Necessary?

    Spend Wisely Series: Is Skincare Necessary?
    The skin is our largest organ and performs many functions important to good health beyond just making us look good. Very simply, our skin is our first line of defense. It serves as a barrier between our bodies and the outside world. It protects us from germs, bacteria and the harmful effects of UV rays. Healthy skin also regulates body temperature and helps filter out toxins.   Types of Skin Issues Oily SkinThe most common skin complaint among men is oily skin. This is due to excessive sebum production that is naturally occurring in men. Singapore’s...
  • Spend Wisely Series: Should We Spend On After-Shaves?

    Spend Wisely Series: Should We Spend On After-Shaves?
    Following the last two weeks' article on the topic “Razor”. We would delve into the topic on After-Shaves and answering the question: is it necessary to invest in it? The short answer is definitely: Yes. What's the two major problems faced by men after shave: nasty razor burn and razor bump.
  • Spend Wisely Series: Safety Razors VS Disposable Razors

    Spend Wisely Series: Safety Razors VS Disposable Razors
    Welcome back to a new episode of Spend Wisely Series. As the title suggest, we will be discussing between two most commonly used razor - safety razors and disposable razors. Safety razors have been around for decades, it has now become an essential tool in the men's grooming regime. On the other hand, we all know that...
  • Guide On How To Use A Straight Razor

    Guide On How To Use A Straight Razor
    Nothing beats the feeling of a clean, close shave... Men who care about their shaving routine know that the right razor makes a big difference. And as we know, straight razors are making a comeback from the late 80s and 90s. They are a pretty straightforward and simple tool, but they are also pretty intimidating to men if you have never used it before. No need to sweat, let me take you this guide on how to use a straight razor.  What do you need?  Shaving Soap  Shaving Brush Straight Razor  Towel  Aftershave Balm/Lotion/Gel Step 1: PREP YOUR...
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Holds nicely but difficult to wash off

Clay was easy to apply and holds nicely throughout the day. However was difficult to wash off.


Great product and definitely the real deal! The smell is amazing! Not used yet as bought it as gift. From order to delivery - no hiccups and it was quick! 👍🏼👍🏼

Solid clay

Very reliable clay that has a strong hold. With 2 moderate scoops, my hair lasts more than 8 hours on a normal singapore day. Amazing buy!! Would highly recommend To anyone looking for a great holding matte product

Cool effect

Easy to apply using hand so far but have to tried with brush. Like the cooling effect which helps.
Overall good product

Fantastic product

Hair length: 9 inches/23 cm
Hair type: Thick, straight

Hold: natural, replicates the hold of natural hair oils very well.
Application: Easy, the cream is very easy to work into your hair and does not tug or pull at the follicles.
Washability: Easy, cream washes out on a single wash, does not even need shampoo.