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Why is Solid Cologne the "Solid Choice" for you ?

Many of you (our customers) have been asking us what is solid cologne all about and the difference between solid cologne and normal colognes. Hence for this week’s article, we would delve into the realm of solid colognes. After reading this, hopefully you would have a better understanding and why it is the solid choice got you!

The idea of solid colognes is not a novelty, rather it dates back to as far as Egyptian times, where it was heavily utilized for day to day usage. What constitutes the foundation of solid colognes would be natural wax like beeswax or shea butter as the medium for the fragrance.

The product touch-point would be around our pulse areas (neck and wrist). By using these warm areas, the scent is activated throughout the day and also starts to subtly blend with your own natural musk.


So, one would ask what are the benefits and reason to make room for a solid cologne in our everyday carry.

1. Portability: To make the list of benefits would be the size and weight of solid colognes, especially when compared with a spray bottle. You can bring the solid cologne anywhere and everywhere. This portability would also translate to safer on flight carry as compared to bottles of liquid.

2. Durability: Speaking of everyday carry, as the name suggest, it is really solid. You can out your mind at ease as you throw your solid cologne into your bag as it would not get smashed or have its content leaked out. The encasement of the usual metal casing is proven to be sturdy.

3. Privacy: The act of putting solid cologne on is very subtle yet it would have a long-lasting effect throughout the day. As compared to pulling out liquid cologne and spraying it around, allowing for a strong sudden waft of fragrance disturbing the people around you.

4. Kind to the skin: Most liquid cologne would contain a high percentage level of alcohol, which could have a drying effect on your skin. While solid colognes do not include alcohol, rather uses natural ingredients that are moisturizing such as shea butter and essential oils.

 5. All natural: The ingredient would compromises from Shea butters, to essential oils, and beeswax — all-natural ingredients dominate the solid cologne industry. Furthermore, with its deep history, it is indeed the craft of a man work of solid cologne and by far the only natural perfume choice for man. 


After reading this, hopefully you would be more encouraged and enticed to try out solid colognes. Here are a few recommendations of brands/products that we carry, for you to consider.

Luxignite Slash Organic Solid Cologne - Marine notes are mixed with geranium and amber for a striking result that transforms in a sea cottage.

Sandalwood Baume De Parfum - O'douds - The sandalwood is highlighted with the delicate sweetness of pure jasmine absolute and the green, citrusy, floral notes of neroli and balanced with heart notes of blue cypress.

Colossus Solid Cologne Crackle Case - A distinctively citrusy fragrance with earthy notes of Amber and Musk.


The steps to apply solid cologne is as simple as 1, 2, 3. Literally a 3-step procedure which is universal throughout the solid cologne industry.

1. Rub finger in a circular motion to activate.


2. Dab pulse points on wrist.

3. Press against neck.

So wait no more, and get your solid cologne with your favorite scent right now from our website, and have a solid weekend ahead!


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