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Beard Wash & Shampoo

Best Beard Wash Shampoo in Singapore From SGPomades

Here at SGPomades, we offer a wide variety of the best beard wash shampoos in Singapore. We currently carry 12 different types of beard wash shampoos from various renowned brands like Reuzel, Proraso, Morgan, Jack Black, and many more. With our wide array of beard wash shampoo options for you to choose from, we aim to help you reduce irritation & itching, untangle any knotted hairs, and most importantly, make your beard look as attractive as ever. Speaking of beard shampoos, can you imagine a shampoo that doesn’t require water to clean? You’ve read that right, we’re excited to introduce to you Reuzel REFRESH No Rinse Beard Wash that allows you to speed clean through your face locks without having to rinse. Save both your time and beard.

Why You Should Purchase Beard Wash Shampoo From Us In Singapore

Our Beard Wash Shampoos are handpicked from only the best brands to be shown to you. Be confidently assured of the quality and efficacy of the shampoos we offer. This means that you can confidently clean your beard and free it from all the gunk and bacteria that breeds within it Tame your beard irritation as well as making it easy to groom and shape. Even better, we offer installment plans starting from 3 payments of $8, making beard grooming extremely affordable for you.

Buy our Beard Wash Shampoo and enjoy free delivery within Singapore & Malaysia

SGPomades is a home grown men's grooming store based in Singapore. Established in 2014, SGPomades is a one stop destination that caters to men's grooming needs. With huge varieties, direct-to-consumer prices and quality brands, your styling needs have been taken to a whole new level with SGPomades.

Frequently Asked Questions about Beard Wash Shampoo in Singapore

Can I wash my beard with hair shampoo?

Yes, you can clean your beard with regular hair shampoo, but it will dry out your skin underneath the beard and cause beard itch and dandruff. It is highly recommended that you use a beard wash shampoo for the best results and comfort.

Is Beard Wash the same as normal shampoo?

The chemicals in normal shampoo will strip your beard of its natural oils, leading to irritation and dandruff from dry skin underneath the beard. Beard wash ensures this doesn’t happen by leaving the natural oils intact while still effectively cleaning your beard from dirt and bacteria.

How often should I wash my beard with beard wash shampoo?

2 times a week is the recommended frequency. Too much washing will dry out your beard.

Can I wash my beard with just water?

Yes you definitely can tide through with just water. But of course, water won’t be very effective at cleaning your beard. This is why beard wash shampoo is recommended to give your beard a good wash.
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