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Feather Japan Razor Blades

Feather is Japan-based stainless steel razor blades manufacturer that have a reputation for being some of the sharpest blades available thanks to their platinum coating. The 71s version is fairly sharp, but still somewhat forgiving. The 81s version will shave off just about anything.

High-quality Feather blades made in Japan

Did you know that Feather was the first Japanese company to make replaceable razor blades? You can expect high-quality blades because the Japan-based company only produces its products under strict protocols in their factories in Japan. Without outsourcing, get only the best blades you need for your shaving routine. Feather’s precision sharpening technology has earned the trust of fans not only in razors but also professionally from barbers and beauty, medical care, and industrial clients. With a history that dates back to 1932, Feather has been continuously delivering high satisfaction to both local and overseas customers over the decades. SGPomades offer only 100% authentic products at affordable prices so our customers have been making repeated purchases with us. We are constantly on the lookout for more Feather branded products so follow us on social media watch this space for new product launches.

Elevate your shaving experience with Feather Japan Hi-Stainless Double Edge Razor Blades

Are you always bothered by the bluntness of your razor blades? Be irritated no more with Feather’s Hi-Stainless Double Edge Razor Blades. Also known as product code 81-S, there are 10 platinum-coated blades per dispenser. Made through an advanced manufacturing process, you will get a consistent and comfortable shave while using the razor blades. But we’ve got to warn you that it is extremely sharp and may not be ideal for first-timers. The product is suitable for straight razors when broken in half. You may also use it with double edge razors. This is designed for professional use but if you’re up for that experience at home, go ahead and make your purchase!

Free delivery of Feather Japan razor blades within Singapore & Malaysia

SGPomades is a homegrown men's grooming store based in Singapore. Established in 2014, SGPomades is a one-stop destination that caters to men's grooming needs. With huge varieties, direct-to-consumer prices, and quality brands, your styling needs have been taken to a whole new level with SGPomades.

Frequently Asked Questions About Feather Japan blades

Are Feather razor blades the best?

Having been in the industry for decades, you can definitely expect the best of the bests razor blades from Feather.

How long do Feather blades last?

It should be able to last you up to seven shaving sessions.

Where are Feather blades made?

They are made in Japan under strict production protocols and never outsourced.

What is a Feather razor blade?

It works just like any other razor blade but much better, sharper, and has longer durability thanks to its platinum coating.
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