Imperial Barber Grade Products

Founded in 2009 by master barbers Scott Serrata and Pedro Zermeno, IMPERIAL BARBER PRODUCTS set out to evolve the craft of American men’s grooming by bringing time-honored grooming traditions into the home via all-natural, utilitarian, premium products. Today, Imperial Barber Products has become an authority in masculine men’s grooming.



The brand’s best-selling pomade is a barbershop staple that features industrial-strength for any hair type. Deemed by enthusiasts as “America’s Strongest Holding Water-Based Pomade”, the hairstyling workhorse has been loved all over the world for more than a decade. Smooth, easy application and wash out, coupled with a consistent hold with a low shine makes the Classic Pomade a utility knife for the most traditional pomps to modern side quiffs today.


Smashing together all the goodness of gels and water-based pomades to create a revolutionary hybrid styling product. With the hydrating qualities of vitamin B5 the Gel Pomade is a step ahead when it comes to hardening products. Versatile strength that varies with the amount being used, it can be mixed with the Classic Pomade, Blacktop Pomade or Fiber Pomade to lock in any flyaways the above mentioned can’t nail down. Especially good for creating volume for thinner hair types as well as a curl locker that also hydrates. Just like the others, application and wash outs are easy breezy.


The Matte Pomade Paste is perfect for loose and messy styles that look like you didn’t even try but actually did! The matte finish with a light to medium hold can also keep things neat and natural for your more professional functions, without actually weighing your hair down. A blend of natural ingredients that actually help retain moisture, thicken and strengthen your hair with the added benefits of Green Tea extract that protect the hair from the elements! A matte finish but with re-styling abilities with just a touch of water, almost magic.


Super pliable, super styleable. The Fiber Pomade is a super versatile texture inducing maniac. It produces longer fibers than standard fiber grease hair products, allowing better flexibility while still having a medium hold. A nice healthy sheen provides a nice out of bed look! Perfect for bikers, who want an easy manual finger comb styling to combat the dreaded helmet head. Finish it with the Gel Pomade to lock in that texture, making your hair, definition station. Easy in easy out as always!


Designed to be used for gentlemen sporting salt & pepper type hair, the Black Top Pomade features a black tint that helps to darken discerning grays, making any hairdo more dramatic. With hold that depends on the amount of water in the hair (just like the others) , it allows for many hairstyle possibilities for many hair types, along with the partial gray hair coverage, double edged sword in the best of ways. Washes out like a charm!