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Morris Motley

Est.2012 in Melbourne, Australia
Armed with 14 years of experience, founder, Rob Mason, created Morris Motley, a cult mens grooming brand. Their unorthodox formulations utilize Australian botanical and premium raw ingredients, tailoring an exclusive grooming line with supreme performance. 

Form & Function - Minimalism, balance, and masculinity - the undertone of the brand. This has concentrated morris motley's attitudes toward design and it's select product range.

Purchase your favourite Morris Motley products conveniently from Singapore

Why wait for weeks for shipping to be completed when you can buy your frequently-used Morris Motley products with us here in Singapore? Morris Motley hails from Melbourne, Australia, and is a cult men’s grooming brand. We would like to highlight two styling balms from the brand. SGPomades is appointed as the official dealer for Morris Motley in Singapore.
First up, we have the Strong Matte Styling Balm. If you’re looking to kill two birds with one stone using one hair product, this is the one for you. It has superb holding strength and washability. You will get a rich and dense creme formula that is non-greasy.
Next, we would like to introduce to you the Treatment Styling Balm; now known as Matte Styling Balm. Comparable to the Strong Matte Styling Balm, this item has also great holding power and is easy to rinse off. The smooth luxurious hair styling creme is lightweight but works wonders on the hair. It is the original holy grail that started it all for Morris Motley.

Morris Motley products are made only with the best ingredients

The Strong Matte Styling Balm contains ingredients like sandalwood to stimulate hair growth, shea butter to reduce scalp irritation, and lemon peel oil with antibacterial properties. It also contains lime peel oil to rid your scalp of excess sebum and promotes healthy hair.
While the Treatment Styling Balm is a radical blend of premium ingredients to absorb moisture and swells into the hair with impact. If you support the movement on non-testing on animals and happen to be looking for vegan products, look no further.
As for the Morris Motley Chrome, now known as Shine Styling Balm, men who are looking for a bit of shine or gloss on the hair will love this product. It contains bitter orange oil to tackle dry scalp, olive oil to prevent dandruff, and bergamot leaf oil to quicken hair growth. Clove leaf oil also aids in the healthy shine you need for dull hair.

Free delivery of Morris Motley items within Singapore & Malaysia

SGPomades is a homegrown men's grooming store based in Singapore. Established in 2014, SGPomades is a one-stop destination that caters to men's grooming needs. With huge varieties, direct-to-consumer prices, and quality brands, your styling needs have been taken to a whole new level with SGPomades.

Frequently Asked Questions About Morris Motley products in Singapore

Is Morris Motley good for your hair?

It definitely is! Selected Morris Motley products contain premium ingredients such as sandalwood to stimulate hair growth, bitter orange oil to tackle dry scalp, and clove leaf oil for that healthy shine.

Where is Morris Motley from?

Morris Motley is a brand from Melbourne, Australia.

Who sells Morris Motley?

SGPomades is appointed as the official dealer for Morris Motley in Singapore.

Is Morris Motley vegan?

Yes! They have vegan-friendly products and items are not tested on animals.
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