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MÜHLE Luxury German Safety Razors - Best Prices Instocks in Singapore

MÜHLE is known for its excellent shaving equipment — razors, shaving brushes, organic skincare, and complimenting accessories – and exceptional craftsmanship. The company has always been based in Germany's Ore Mountains, where both the location and the personnel share a genuine passion for wet shaving.  MÜHLE has been in the family since 1945, and has been passed down through three generations. Every activity and mindset is motivated by a love of nature and a desire to achieve the highest level of excellence. Every product, whether it's a handcrafted one-of-a-kind piece or a mass-produced one, is infused with expert knowledge and a crafted with a pioneering attitude.

Experience German precision, right to your shaving routine. 100% Authenticity Guaranteed.

All product photos of MÜHLE products in this collection are taken of the actual products in original packaging in our studio, all rights reserved.


The MÜHLE Traditional series is the encapsulation of precision, ergonomics, and beauty; where traditional design meets a refined finish.


Part of the INTRO range, the Vivo series is designed for those transitioning from being a novice to becoming a shaving connoisseur. Vivo translates to ‘alive’ in Latin, where MÜHLE interprets this as breathing new ‘life’ into its classic predecessors. A slightly bulbous shape, accented with chrome finishes that's elegant and modern.


The Rytmo series is part of the INTRO range, which caters to everyone from beginners to experts. Our INTRO collection's Rytmo is a popular pick, and it's simple to see why: the design is both eye-catching and timeless. It's like a measured musical composition, with a classic conical design interrupted by characteristic lines at the chrome plated top and base.


MÜHLE teamed up with Mark Braun, a well-known Berlin designer. Resulting in shaving and design excellence, properly proportioned but far from classic. The hexagonal profile of each of these products ensures ergonomics and functionality by combining current design with classic and practical elements. The design has also rewarded Mark Braun with multiple design awards including the 2017 Red Dot Design Award.


The new Rocca collection is elegantly minimal while still emanating a strong masculinity. They're made of the finest and most durable stainless steel and are a little more modern and different than much of what MÜHLE is known for. The name "Rocca" is taken from the Italian term "castle" or "fort," which reflects the high build quality in this series.


Certified by the BDIH (Association of German Industries and Trading Firms). The MÜHLE Organic collection prides itself on sustainable luxury by combining the best of nature's offerings. In the MÜHLE Organic line, only raw herbal components from organic cultivation or organic wild gathering are utilized.


accessories emanate the same quality that the brand's double edged safety razors do. Everything from the raw ingredients used in the shaving creams, to the hand finished shaving bowls and stands, German precision and quality is guaranteed in all of their shaving peripherals. 


The Muhle razors we carry are 100% authentic, otherwise we’ll refund customers two times the amount paid.

Muhle razors are renowned for combining traditional practicality, superior build quality and materials while still featuring a modern yet sophisticated design. German precision always comes at a premium!

We carry 4 out of the many collections from Muhle; Traditional, Rytmo, Vivo and Rocca. Any of these choices would be great but if you’re just planning on getting something basic no nonsense look, anything from the Traditional series would do you justice!

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