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The folks at Nethers are passionate about the nether region, in more ways than one! They're serious about below-the-belt grooming and hygiene. They always felt that hygiene shouldn't only be for those around you to see, smell and feel. Hygiene is personal, and what's more personal than your nether region. Keeping the hedges trimmed is one of the many ways you can keep the forbidden fruits clean. Hence, is
why they believe that everyone needs the right tools for the deed!

After months of research, planning and possible personal testing that led to bloodshed, the Nethers Undercut Trimmer is the first product from the Nethers’ below the belt grooming product line up. Motivated to make male personal grooming affordable, the Nethers Undercut Trimmer is an efficient and high quality product that can easily be picked up by anyone. An ergonomic design that’s fitted with a powerful yet quiet 6000rpm motor, it will take on any jungle, forest or lawn. With an IPX6 waterproof rating the Nethers Undercut Trimmer is totally usable in the shower, in the tub or even in the pool if you’re weird like that! Nicks and cuts are a thing of the past with its superior Nethersafe Technology. If you’re still super careful, take as long as you need with its 90 min shave time on a full charge! The Nethers Undercut Trimmer comes with two separate shaving guards that will help you gain confidence if it's your first day at work!


The words ceramic and blade don't always sound like the most effective cutting tool but here are some interesting facts about ceramic that might change your mind! Ceramic is a bad heat conductor - the blade will stay cool for longer periods of time, preventing you from getting the sudden burn if steel were to touch your skin while at the same time, prolonging the life of the blade! Ceramic is harder than steel - ceramic blades would stay sharp longer than stainless steel ones would, also lengthening the life of these blades. Ceramic will not corrode -  a body trimmer will constantly be in contact with water and it's a total advantage when the cutting element does not rust since it's also the closest to your skin when in use. Again, prolonging the blade’s usage!

Read The Instructions

We get it! You’re either still on the fence about whether you want to get The Undercut Trimmer or you’ve already gotten yourself one and you’re super excited for that first lawn mowing experience. Yes, as manly men, it may seem odd having to read the instruction manual to do something that we are so used to doing - nut scaping. Fortunately at Nethers, toxic masculinity does not exist in their dictionary, which is why you are highly recommended to carefully read the instructions and use the tips provided.


Nethers Undercut Trimmer incorporated NetherSafe™ Technology in their ceramic blade and adding on the adjustable guide combs, you are assured a smoother trimming process that is less likely to cut or nick your skin. The NetherSafe™ Technology would allow you to use The Undercut Trimmer in more sensitive areas like your nether region.

Yes, you can. The NetherSafe™ Technology would allow you to use the trimmer on your entire body. Get your ideal hair length, you may use it straight on your skin or with one of the two adjustable trim-guards. The Trimmer lasts up to 90 minutes when fully charged, which is plenty of time to rinse and repeat for a few cuts.

Yes, it is Shower Safe IPX6 Certified Waterproof Ergonomic Handle Design. Able To Withstand High Pressure Water Stream. It can be used wet or dry, so you may shave in your yard (no judgement) or in the shower. It's shock- and water-resistant, and it's protected by a polycarbonate shell for added comfort and agility.

We recommend replacing your blade module every 3 months. Regular maintenance of any blade head is highly recommended to maintain optimal hygiene. Our replacement blade makes it easy to keep unwanted bacteria and pathogens (typically derived from water, hair, and dirt) away from sensitive areas. Please replace your blades every 3 months to ensure optimum performance and safety.

The Nethers Undercut Trimmer has a 1-year warranty for any manufacturer defects. Please contact both and with a photograph or video of the defect and a detailed description of the defect.

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