O'douds Apothecary


is an apothecary dedicated to quality and responsibility. They believe that every choice has an impact, and provide products without compromise. 

The O’Douds team takes its commitment to its values and customers seriously: We will never settle for “good enough.” Our promise to you is to continually strive to provide you with the best-performing, most well-sourced products, we can create.



The Matte Paste is a matte finish, high hold product that gives a textured dry finish to the hair , all the while keeping the volume at its highest. This is also one of the popular products that O'douds has to offer in it varied line. The Matte Paste achieves it dry voluminous finish due to the ingredient found inside called Kaolin Clay. 

The Body Wash by O'douds maintains moisture and repairs inflammation, irritation, dryness, or redness. Results in skin that's soft, healthy, and smooth. Use on body, hair, face, or beard. This body wash comes with the unique scent by O'douds called Eucalyptus and Sage.

The Neroli parfum
is airy, floral, and inviting. Rich floral notes of neroli and jasmine blend with bitter orange peel and herbaceous petitgrain for a bright, warm, and refreshing opening. These top notes fade into sharp yet warm middle and base notes of ylang ylang, black pepper and vetiver that ground and re-energize the delicate citrus and florals that define this fragrance. All natural and vegan , made for every person who wants to have a unique scent with them , it also comes in other scent options like Labdanum and Sandalwood.

Texture Powder is designed to reduce shine and work with your scalp's natural oils to revitalize hair with workable texture & volume. Can be used as a stand-alone styling product or as a dry shampoo to revitalize hair. Scented with Bergamot and Cedarwood. The Texture Powder is best coupled with super short hair or long wavy hair!