Parker Shaving

Since 1973, Parker Safety Razor has been a worldwide leader in safety razor innovation and design. The family-owned and operated business creates shaving products that are manufactured to the highest standards. The strong heritage and quest to deliver exemplary products are reflected in their commitment to customers’ satisfaction with every product that bears the name.

 Straight Razors

Every part of a Parker straight razor is made and assembled in the United States, from start to finish, by a single craftsman, in the spirit of the American cottage industry. Each razor was hand-ground, tagged, sharpened, and assembled by an Artisan Technician. Experience good old traditional craftsmanship, built from modern materials and technology.

Double Edged Safety Razors

Parker Safety Razors makes two types of double-edge safety razors: butterfly-open and three-piece. Butterfly razors have hinged plates that open to give easy access to the blade, similar to older versions. For easy cleaning, three-piece razors break into three distinct components. This design originated from the early 1900s, but Parker has updated it with modern materials and etchings that distinguish the brand from others on the market today.


Parker Shaving accessories were created to best complement their high quality razors. Made with carefully selected materials and superior craftsmanship, they will complete any Parker Razor you own. Parker Razor Stands come in a range of shapes and finishes to fit in with any decor. They offer an elegant and practical way to store and display your favorite Parker shaving brush and razor. Parker Shaving Synthetic Brushes are made of bristles that are incredibly soft. Comparable to silvertip shaving brushes, these would be great for our vegan friends. While they don't hold as much water as genuine badger bristle brushes, they're good for traveling because they dry quickly and produce a great lather. Parker Shaving mugs and bowls may look simple, but are made out of high quality wood while hand finished by artisan craftsmen, resulting in ideal lathering vessels.