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Solid Cologne

Best Solid Cologne in Singapore From SGPomades

Here at SGPomades, we guarantee that all our products, including our Solid Colognes, are 100% authentic and of the highest quality. We take pride in importing only the finest solid colognes from around the world into Singapore at the best prices for you. Compared to liquid colognes, solid colognes tend to last longer as they remain on your skin and allow the marvelous scent to linger around you throughout the day. Not to mention, its small pocket size allows it to be extremely portable even if you’re not carrying a bag with you. And when you do need to apply some fragrance, you can do it comfortably even at the office, as the scents won’t explode throughout the office. If you're looking for flexibility without compromising on the fragrance, solid colognes may be just the thing for you.

Our Solid Cologne Best Seller

In the past few years, Analogue Apotik has been our consistent and hottest best seller for solid colognes. With their assorted combinations of premium ingredients like plant extracts, spices, and herbs, every option has a unique scent that suits different style personalities. If you prefer a more masculine scent, Colossus or Omni Solid Cologne might just be the thing you’re looking for. But if you’re female and prefer a more feminine scent, Yama or Cleopatra Solid Cologne is suitable to fulfill just that. We’re confident that you’ll find the perfect fitting scent that’s the right fit for you with the wide array of solid colognes that Analogue Apotik offers.

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SGPomades is a homegrown men's grooming store based in Singapore. Established in 2014, SGPomades is a one-stop destination that caters to men's grooming needs. With huge varieties, direct-to-consumer prices, and quality brands, your styling needs have been taken to a whole new level with SGPomades.

Frequently Asked Questions about Solid Cologne in Singapore

Is solid cologne suitable for me?

If you’re not so much of a fan of the spray-on colognes and prefer something that is more flexible and convenient, Solid Cologne may be what you could try.

How do you use solid cologne?

Rub the solid cologne gently against your pulse points like your wrist and neck. Remember to use sparingly as they are extremely concentrated.

Do solid colognes last longer?

Yes! Solid colognes last longer as they’re extremely concentrated and thus last longer.

How long does the fragrance from solid colognes last?

Most fragrances last between 2-4 hours, but a more premium solid cologne will last longer.
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