Triumph & Disaster

The folks at Triumph & Disaster pride themselves on producing products from an infrastructure of ritual, character and fate. Infused with bespoke Triumph & Disaster fragrances, the products carry natural blends of sophisticated notes that conjure old fashioned values from the good old days. Tested within the company and never on animals, the brand uses ingredients derived from mother nature but engineered from science and technology. Clean & green, safe, efficient, and definitely making a difference.


Hair Styling

Modern but screaming with regality, Triumph & Disaster offers 4 supreme hair styling products for any and every occasion. The Coltrane Clay has a masterful blend of kaolin clay, beeswax, pracaxi oil and brazil wax, creating natural and healthy definition in the hair, that’s pliable, but has enough hold to stay . The Ponsonby Pomade is more than your ordinary water based pomade. A water based formula that combines the healing properties of Sangre de cargo, ‘Dragon’s Blood’ a natural resin and Harakeke NZ Flax Oil, combined with Argan oil, will heal and balance your scalp while protecting the hair strands. The Fibre Royale utilises a bespoke blend of beeswax, argan oil and kawakawa plant to shape the hair while treating the scalp. Keeping the scalp fresh while looking fresh. Karekare Hair Tonic is an all natural sea salt spray, with an exotic mix of natural salts and essential root extracts to deliver that rugged and messy-wild child look we all know and love.

Shower & Body

Leaving a refreshing yet manly fragrances, Triumph & Disaster’s shower and body products were crafted with by nature but perfected by science. The Shampoo is free of harmful chemicals and compounds and is enriched with hydrolysed keratin, tanzen pepper and argan oil that will clean and balance your scalp while strengthening your hair. The Conditioner is the perfect complement as it hydrates, repairs and detangles hair, while providing volume and a natural shine. A formula that is fortified with the natural benefits of the Corza Plant, it is suitable for all hair types. The Triumph & Disaster Soap Bars are gentle on the skin while delivering robust and refreshing aromas. The Shearers Soap and A+R Soap are both glycerin based soap bars that have unique nature inspired aromas that were bespokely crafted for the gentleman. The Shearers Soap contains poppy seeds that are great for exfoliation, while the A+R Soap contains almond milk that will definitely hydrate and soften the skin without stripping any moisture.

Face Care

There’s nothing manly about having dry and rough skin. The modern man today is very much in touch with their appearance and also their complexion. Triumph & Disaster’s face care essentials, are nature's gift to man but nicely wrapped with research and science. For the manly bearded man, their Old Fashioned Shave Cream, is suitable for all skin types and will provide you with a smooth shave. Coupled with a refreshing fragrance that will gently wake you up during that morning routine. A dry complexion is the root cause for a series of skin issues down the road. The Dark Moon Hydrating Cream is a hydration station, providing you with all the benefits of Vitamin C from Kakadu Plum, Swamp Maple and Rosemary - an ideal night cream. On the lighter side, The Game Face Moisturiser will offer all the same benefits but with a light and non-greasy finish. Eyebags and dark circles may look cool and brooding, but only if you’re Jack Sparrow. The Dichotomy Eye Serum targets your dark circles and eye bags through hydration and supporting collagen production with the help of a revolutionary blend of Norwegian Kelp and Persian Silk. A common product that is usually slept on and ignored is sunscreen, harmful sun damage can easily cause discoloration and make you look older! The No Dice Sunscreen SPF 50 is free of denatured alcohol while utilising active natural ingredients to give you the coverage you need upon leaving the house! Non-greasy, light and won’t leave you looking like a clown the No Dice Sunscreen is discrete and effective.