First ever Men's Grooming Essentials and Hair Pomades Vending Machine in Singapore! 

Here are some press mentions

"Mr Alvin Lim, owner of online store SGPomades, launched his first vending machine at VendMart with the website's top-selling pomades and other grooming products for men.

"Delivery sometimes cannot meet demand, and with vending machines, some locations allow you to buy 24/7," he said.

Three more machines will be launched at AMK Hub, White Sands and Chinatown Point on Friday, and there are talks for another machine to be launched in the western part of Singapore, said Mr Lim."


"One of these start-ups that is stocking its items in a vending machine is online retailer SGPomades, which sells men's grooming items such as hair wax and beard oil.

Its vending machine sells more than 40 of its online bestsellers. Its owner Alvin Lim said that it decided to set up a vending machine to "create awareness" and to "be closer to customers", who can buy products on the spot without the fuss of delivery."