We Have Opened Our First Flagship Boutique! - MENDATORY BY SGPOMADES

We Have Opened Our First Flagship Boutique! - MENDATORY BY SGPOMADES

MENDATORY by SGPomades Flagship Store @ Tampines 1
10 Tampines Central 1, #01-41 Singapore 529536

Opening Hours:
Monday to Sunday: 11am - 9pm
Public Holidays: Open

We have opened our first flagship boutique!

We are delighted to share that we have opened our first flagship retail store in the heart of Tampines!

Given the significant growth in men becoming more mindful of their physical appearance and how they carry themselves, the existing men's personal care sector, particularly in Singapore, has limited offerings. We aim to challenge the status quo of the limited men’s grooming and hairstyling products from that small shelf in the corner of the drugstore. The boutique’s name is a word-play on the word mandatory as the store is a dedicated men’s grooming essentials boutique and at SGPOMADES, we firmly believe that our products are necessities for all men.

Upon stepping into the store, you will be greeted by a brightly-lit store with ten digital signages that feature instructive visual storytelling with hipster-styled aesthetics, accompanied by upbeat music. Several infographic standees are placed around the stores to provide you with information about the brands’ stories and products. If that’s not enough, each price tag has a QR code that will lead you to the product landing page on our website for additional information. You can also check out your item online if you wish to skip the line and save time!

Each space within the store is dedicated to the following categories: Hair Styling, Hair & Scalp, Traditional Wet Shaving, Shaving Basics, Face & Body Care, Manscaping, Dental Care, Beard & Moustache, and Fragrances. Not to mention, there is a Gift Sets section for those looking for that ideal gift for their partner or friends.


The Leaf Razor By Leaf Shave


Oral Care By Marvis

With a comprehensive choice of products ranging from our very own house brand Ubersuave to high-end shaving brand Edwin Jagger, MENDATORY is undoubtedly a destination for men to discover everything they need in one place. Here are some special mentions:

Ubersuave Matte Wax:
A high-performing, adaptable hair wax that produces a lovely, natural matte finish with outstanding hold, allowing for a variety of styling options that will last all day.

Debonair Regimens by Ubersuave:
Formulated and designed for men’s skin, the Debonair Regimens by Ubersuave is our latest functional skincare line consists of Hair Revitalizing Shampoo, Deep Cleansing & Anti-Acne Face Cleanser, Antioxidant Face Mist & Toner, Multi-Action Face Moisturiser.

Ubersuave Extrait de Parfums
Our fragrance line is 2-3 times stronger than conventional Eau de Parfum (EDP) and will keep you smelling great for up to 12 hours!

The Leaf Shaver by Leaf Shave
Meet the modern razor, complete with a pivoting head and up to three blades for a better, more sustainable shave every time.

Oral Care by Marvis
Cheeky, iconic, original in one word: contemporary. Marvis surpasses the traditional concept of toothpaste with its variety of flavours.

Analogue Apotik Solid Colognes and Proraso Colognes
The Analogue Apotik’s travel-friendly wax-based cologne is finely crafted, with each fragrance designed to be simple to use and, above all, delightful to enjoy.

Proraso fragrances are a terrific way to smell great after shaving. These perfumes are skin-friendly and function as a wonderful skin toner, providing immediate comfort after a close shave.

Edwin Jagger Shaving Brushes
Edwin Jagger's high-end handcrafted shaving brushes are the perfect equipment for wet traditional shaving. It is made of high-quality synthetic fibre that resembles the feel of real badger hair shaving brushes, delivering a comparable and equally pleasurable shave.

Wet Shaving
One of the difficulties in beginning wet shaving in Singapore is sourcing products, especially if you are looking for cost-effective ones. Right here in this section, you get to choose from a range of products to mix and match with. The Eco-Razor Essential Shaving Set is a great way to start your wet shaving journey as it includes everything you need to shave!

Shaving Basics
To complete your shaving experience, you will need products such as shaving cream, foam, or soap. Ensure you have an enjoyable shave by using pre-shave and after-shave as well. Some of our bestsellers are Proraso Green Shaving Soap In A Bowl, Proraso Green Pre-Shave Cream 300ml

Face Basics
Many have shared their skincare routine, whereby some are unaware of how to care for their skin.  Some are even using hair shampoo as a facial cleanser! Hence, we felt that it was imperative to build a category dedicated to face basics. You have got to try the Debonair Regimens’ Antioxidant Face Mist and Toner, as well as LUMIN’s Charcoal Cleanser.

In light of the increasing number of partners who prefer their men trimmed down to the waist, we have specially devoted space to manscaping products. We know that unfortunate bathroom mishaps frequently happen when the wrong products are used, and we hope to introduce precision-grade trimmers that are suitable for the nether region. For manscaping, we highly recommend Nether Undercut Trimmer and Meridian Grooming Trimmer.

MENDATORY will therefore serve as our launchpad for relationship-building, which e-commerce alone lacks. Our team also intends to open more stores in Singapore in the near future, so don't worry, non-Easties! For time being, get to enjoy discounts and promotions in our retail store. For existing customers, you can boost your savings by earning membership points and accumulating rewards. What are you waiting for? Make a visit to MENDATORY at Tampines 1 now. We hope to see you there!




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