The Art Of Being A Conscious Consumer – Earth Day 🌍

The Art Of Being A Conscious Consumer – Earth Day 🌍

As the world becomes increasingly aware of the environmental impact of human activities, many are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and live a more sustainable lifestyle, this includes your shaving and grooming routines.

Conventional grooming products frequently include harmful chemicals that are environmentally detrimental. They are also frequently packaged in non-recyclable materials, contributing to the worldwide waste problem. Fortunately, several eco-friendly men's grooming products are now available, which can help lessen the environmental impact of our regular grooming regime.

In this article, we have listed some examples of environmentally friendly men's grooming products to steer you toward in the wake of Earth Day.

Shampoo bars:

Instead of using regular liquid shampoo, which comes in plastic bottles that aren't always recyclable, consider a shampoo bar. A great option is The Bluebeards Revenge Cuban Solid Shampoo Bar - completely plastic-free and features a 100% recyclable cardboard box, helping you to reduce your impact on the environment. Remember, one Shampoo Bar saves on average two plastic bottles from being thrown away!


Bluebeards Revenge Cuban Solid Shampoo Bar

Natural deodorants:

Deodorants often contain aluminum, which can be harmful to the environment when it is released into the air and water. The Shear Revival’s Ora All Natural Deodorant is a great alternative as it is made with 100% naturally derived ingredients and comes in reusable/recyclable packaging.


Ora All Natural Deodorant

Bamboo toothbrushes:

Plastic toothbrushes are a major contributor to plastic waste in the environment. The Polished London Bamboo Toothbrush is a great alternative as it is just as effective as a normal plastic brush, but with the benefit of being biodegradable, panda-friendly, vegan-friendly and kind to our oceans.


Polished London Bamboo Toothbrush

Safety razors:

Most razors are designed for convenience, which is why billions of disposable plastic razors and refill cartridges end up in the nearest landfill every year. But here’s the good news, there is a sustainable alternative to shaving - wet shaving. The Ubersuave Eco-Razor Essential Shaving Kit is the finest option for beginners if you're new to wet shaving.


Ubersuave Eco-Razor Essential Shaving Kit

These are just a few examples of environmentally friendly men's grooming products. By making minor changes to our grooming routine, we can make a big impact on the environment. When shopping for grooming products, find those made with natural ingredients, packaged in environmentally friendly packaging, and manufactured by organizations that promote sustainability. By doing so, we can help protect the planet while still looking and feeling our best.

While you start shopping for environmentally friendly products, we have some gifts for you - 
 17 to 22 April 2023: Receive a free Eco-razor Shaving Bowl when you purchase the Ubersuave Eco-Razor Essential Shaving Kit.

“The Earth is what we all have in common.” - Wendell Berry

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