Henson Shaving AL13 Double Edge Safety Razor - V3

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Aggression Level: Mild


Color: Aircraft Aluminum

Aircraft Aluminum
Jet Black
Steel Blue
Copper Tone
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Designed Without Compromise

The Henson is designed to present the blade at the optimum shaving angle, with as little blade exposure as possible.

We then set out to engineer a manufacturing process to meet the tolerances required, without compromising from the design.

The result is an alarmingly safe shave that eliminates irritation.


A baby smooth shave.
One pass. Zero irritation

Skin irritation is totally avoidable.

Rather than cutting beneath the skin, the Henson AL13 shears the hair precisely at skin level.

The Henson AL13 puts an end to shaving irritation and cuts, while also making your skin feel comfortable and smooth. We created this to give you a whole new shaving experience unlike any other. Your skin will feel amazing after using this razor.


Extreme precision makes all the difference.

With a blade that only sticks out roughly half the thickness of a human hair (0.0013" - Mild), (0.0023" - Medium) and (0.0045" - Aggressive), this razor eliminates all the unnecessary blade exposure. This means less blade flex and therefore less chatter along your skin.

Chatter is what causes razor burn and irritation.

This razor is only possible to produce because of the lessons the founders of Henson Shaving learned from their aerospace manufacturing careers over the last 20 years.

Here are some of the upgrades that have been made

Softened edges and added bevels

The edges of the baseplate and top cap have been softened in an effort to reduce any unwanted sharpness from the outer edges and corners of the razor head.

Also, a large bevel has been added to the outer corners of the razor head. These changes improve comfort, control, and precision during shaving, especially when maneuvering around obstacles, such as next to the nose and mouth.

Channel design

The lather channels in the baseplate have been reshaped and the center webs of the lather slots have been removed, resulting in improved hair and lather evacuation.

A few other minor changes

Will be noticed by the very keen observer such as the widening of The overall diameter of the handle has been increased by 0.010”. Also, the textured portions of the handle have been made more pronounced.

Both of these changes improve the overall grip and handling of the razor.


We want the best razor, not
the best razor business.

No subscriptions.
No custom blades.
No planned obsolescence.

The only chance for Henson to compete with the deep pockets of the big companies and bring this to the masses, is to create a razor so good that you can't help but tell your friends about it.



Buy once. Use forever.

Made from aerospace grade aluminum, and manufactured at an aerospace facility in Ontario, Canada, the Henson Shaving razor is built with the same AS9100 aerospace standards required to create satellite components.


A smart investment for your skin (and your wallet)

*Henson AL13 razor works with any standard double edge blade you can buy almost anywhere (we sell lots of different brands in our razor blade refill category)


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Henson Shaving AL13 Mild / Medium / Aggressive Double Edge Safety Razor

RK Shaving Stainless DE Razor Blades (5pc)

Lifetime Warranty from Henson Shaving

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Are Safety Razors, umm, safe?
Yes, as the name suggests, safety razors are safe. Most users will find they experience far fewer nicks, irritations, and ingrown hairs in comparison to a cartridge razor.

How many blades are included in my Razor purchase?
A 5-pack of RK Shaving Stainless DE Razor Blades is included with every purchase. This will provide the average shaver with 1 month of precision shaves. After that, razor blades can be purchased in our store at the razor blades refill category

Where are Henson Razors manufactured?
Henson Shaving Razors are fully designed, manufactured, and assembled in Canada.

What makes a Henson Razor different from other Razors?
First, it's precision. Most of our competitors use manufacturing processes that build in allowances. Allowance in the blade fit, allowance in the head width, allowance in the blade gap. They build in these allowances in case something isn't perfect in their metal casting or their coating. Henson Razors are machined (not cast) and are anodized (not painted or chromed) so our tolerances are down to the thousandth of an inch.
This means a straight blade every time and the thinnest blade exposure on the market. Thinner blade exposure means less vibration in the blade (chatter). Less chatter means less irritation and a better shave every time.

What is the difference between the AL13 Mild and AL13 - Medium
The only difference between the Henson AL13 Mild and the Henson AL13 - Medium is the blade gap and blade exposure. These measurements control the "aggressiveness" of the shave. For finer hair and shaving areas other than the face, a milder razor is generally desired. For coarser hair, the aggression of our Medium razor may be more suitable.

Technical Details

AL13 - Mild - .68 mm Blade Gap .0013" Blade Exposure

AL13 - Medium - .85 mm Blade Gap and .0023” Blade Exposure

AL13 - Aggressive - Extension: 0.0045" - Blade Gap: 0.039"

The .85 mm and .68 blade gap would be considered on the aggressive side, respectively. However, the nature of our design mitigates some of the effects of unwanted aggression. This is why we chose a higher aggression blade gap. This allows more of the positive benefits of the aggressive blade gap while the unwanted byproducts are a bit tamed by the head design. This is one way the razor achieves good safety and high shaving performance simultaneously.

What are the dimensions of the handle?
The handle is .473” at the tail and tapers up to .394” near the head. The length is 3.750” to the radius at the tail.

Will my hair get stuck? Does it rinse well?
We have created an exit path for hair to flow out after it’s cut. This allows for gentle long strokes, with no clogging or interference with the cutting action of the blade. Simply rinse the razor in water to quickly remove hair and shaving creams.

How do I care for and maintain my razor?
The best practice is to thoroughly rinse the razor under water after each shave. No need to fully disassemble after each shave. Be sure to store your Henson in a dry place; we don't suggest storing it in the shower.

Replace the blade every 3-4 shaves and when you disassemble to do so we suggest a light cleaning. You can use a soft-bristled toothbrush and water, soap, or mild cleaning solution if you wish. Dry and place a new blade in.