Tatara Razors Porcelain Shaving Bowl Black

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Tatara Razors

Porcelain Shaving Bowl Black

The name TATARA (鑪) is inspired by the furnace where the forge masters used to smelt the steel for Samurai swords in ancient Japan.

Like the Japanese katanas, our products are made with extreme dedication and attention to detail. Combining this with the obsessive precision of modern engineering, TATARA Razors is proudly creating safety razors of rare sensitivity and strength.


Made In Portugal
Manufactured using the traditional Portuguese process of porcelain shaping. As a final finishing, the pieces are immersed in a glazed bath resulting in unique pieces of elegant shine, inspired by hand-painted Japanese techniques used in Urushi lacquer bowls.


The Details

The shaving bowl was designed to be securely held with one hand while creating a beautiful and soft lather that will refine your shaving feeling.

The bowl interior contains small dotted protrusions to whip air into the shaving soap and quickly help you build a rich thick lather.