MUHLE RYTMO R224 Safety Razor - Closed Comb - Mint Green

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  • Safety razor – classic blade, close comb
  • Handles made of high-grade resin with chrome-plated metal highlights
  • Made in Germany


The Material – High-grade resin

A high-grade resin is a high-quality synthetic material whose surface has been individually processed and improved. Because it allows for a wide range of modern and classic patterns in a variety of appealing colors, the material is suitable for distinctive accessories and writing tools.

To begin, solid rods are used to create the aesthetic fundamental shapes for brush and razor handles. The surface of each individual work piece is then polished in numerous passes to give it its unique brilliance. This kind of processing gives the models a pleasant feeling and ensures their beauty for many years.

The world would lose a lot of its glitter if it didn't have chromium. Its greatest attributes are demonstrated in the finish used on our wet shaving accessories: The substance is corrosion-resistant, has a rich, enticing shine, and is extremely long-lasting. When compared to this, the colors and shapes of other high-end materials are highlighted to their full potential.

The Razorhead – Classic blade

The safety razor has been considered as a fashionable classic that can even shave edges with precision for years. It is the razor of choice for many. Its design complements that of MÜHLE's products perfectly.

Even if the open blade necessitates a certain amount of respect at first: It produces a very close shave and a durable result after a quick familiarization time and directed by a steady hand. The safety razor's head does not move, unlike modern blade systems. By unscrewing the cap, the blades can be replaced. They are available from us and from shops all over the world.