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Spend Wisely Series: Safety Razors VS Disposable Razors

Welcome back to a new episode of Spend Wisely Series. As the title suggest, we will be discussing between two most commonly used razor - safety razors and disposable razors. 


Safety razors have been around for decades, it has now become an essential tool in the men's grooming regime. On the other hand, we all know that disposable razors are fast, easy and fuss-free. Since disposable razors are so easy to use, but why do some men still choose safety razors over disposable ones? 

Let me give you a brief comparison between them.  


Safety razors are commonly mistaken as expensive, high-end razors. It is true that the initial costs are higher and there is a higher learning curve for beginners but they are also known to allow closer shave and more economic in the long run. A safety razor can last you several years and all you need to do is to replace the razor blade which is as cheap to nothing.


On the other hand, there are two kinds disposable razors - the completely disposable ones and the ones with replacement heads. Disposable razors seem to have lower costs upfront. But in the long term, it will actually cost you more as they are not made to use long-term, hence you need to replace the head or the entire razor frequently.

Another big difference is that safety razors are more environmentally friendly. It's made of the same material - metal, which can be easily recycled. The replacement blades come in 100% cardboard. The blades themselves can be recycled too, but dispose them properly so they won’t get lost or cut someone! However majority of the disposable razors' parts are made of plastic, which are non-recyclable, causing harm to our environment. 

Once you start with safety razor, it's hard to go back to disposable ones. The simple reason being the closer shave that safety razors provide and the lower costs needed in a long run. Not to mention,  it is also less harmful to our earth.

Ps. Just a tip, don't forget to dry your safety razor and blade fully after using them! It definitely allows the safety razors to last longer. 


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