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Spend Wisely Series: Should We Spend On After-Shaves?

Following the last two weeks' article on the topic “Razor”. We would delve into the topic on After-Shaves and answering the question: is it necessary to invest in it? The short answer is definitely: Yes. What's the two major problems faced by men after shave: nasty razor burn and razor bump. 

Razor Burn
Is a condition that occurs while shaving. It is caused by high amounts of friction between your skin and the razor blade. Symptoms include redness, irritation, and itching. 

Solution: To start, avoid touching the affected area in order to reduce the risk of further inflammation, irritation, or infection. It also allows time to heal naturally. Next Aloe Vera could be applied to make the healing process much more bearable as there are certain enzymes in the plant itself that would reduce inflammation when applied to the skin.

Prevention: The choice of using a sharp and high-quality razor blade would allow for a smoother shave, furthermore make sure the blades are clean and free from any debris such as buildup of soap or hair. Some etiquette shaving would also include shaving in the direction of your hair growth and rinsing the blade after each stroke.

Razor Bump
It is another name for the ingrown hairs caused by a bad shave. A rough shave pushes your hair underneath your skin. When the hair grows back, it turns downwards, inflaming the infected area. Symptoms include pimple-like sores, swelling, and infection.

Solution: The hot towel method would allow for the entrapped hair follicle to be freed from beneath the surface of your skin.  By running some hot water over a towel and then press it directly on to your neck area. After a few minutes of application, the warm water that was trapped within the towel should help to open up your pores that will allow the hair follicle to ultimately be freed to help eliminate the uncomfortable razor bump from your neck.

Prevention: Invest in a good safety razor. This would greatly reduce the friction between the razor blade and your skin, in return relieving unnecessary stress and ultimately preventing razor burn and bump. Furthermore the application of after-shave would prevent any potential of irritation to arise. Hydration is a key factor in prevention and after-shave can provide the much-needed hydration for your skin. Alongside with the effects of "pore closing", keeping bacteria out and reducing the risk of inflammation. 

There should also be sufficient lubrication while shaving.There is another simple tip: use shave brush to brush the beard area, which can prevent ingrown hair too. 

A general recommendation set of shaving products would include:
Bulldog Foaming Sensitive Shave Gel
Proraso Green Aftershave Balm
Parker 99R Barberpole Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor

Complete Shaving Routine

1. Wash your face with warm water, then use a towel and gently wipe your face.

2. It’s time to apply pre-shave gel. This is essential because it will help keep your face moist and also provide a smooth glide for the razor. This also helps prevent the aforementioned major shaving problems (Burn & Bump). No need to wash it off.

3. Apply a shaving cream on the parts of your face that you will be shaving. A thin layer will work just fine.

4. Finally is time to SHAVE! Follow these steps and utilize the recommended safety razor for assurance of a smooth shave every time.

5. Not forgetting the last step of applying after-shave. Remember the saying, "Prevention is better than cure". The risk of inflammation and bacteria left residing on your face would be greatly reduce, preventing razor burn and bump. After-shave would not only leave your face feeling smooth and fresh, you will smell good as well!

Happy Shaving! 


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