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Ladies, buy the right valentine gifts for your partners? Here is the ultimate guide

Valentine Day is right around the corner, in 14 days and if you ladies are panicking over what to get for your significant other.

Why not a box of hand-picked selection of grooming necessities catered specially for your partner’s needs. It will be packed in our own valentine-theme box, decorated with champagne white ribbon.

Foremost, in the coming days do take extra attention to the particular details relating to your partner. By identifying those non-verbal cues thrown here and there, you would be able to pinpoint the underlying problem your partner is facing regarding his personal‚Äôs grooming. As the saying goes ‚ÄúUnderstanding the situation, is half the battle won.‚ÄĚ

Starting from his hair, we would delve into the realm of styling. This would vary as it highly depended on your partner’s hair style. Here is the breakdown of common guys’ hair styles in Singapore and recommended products for styling it.

The Undercut, Pompadour and Slick Back.

Pomade would be the go-to solution for such hair styles. It is versatile, providing strong, yet flexible holds as well as both matte and high shine finishes.

Ubersuave Texturing Matte Wax
Arcadian Clay Pomade

The Fringe, Brushed-up and Faux Hawk.

For the following, wax would be ideal. It offers a moderate to strong hold with a matte finish that doesn’t harden or stiffen your hair while adding texture and thickness to hair, that isn’t sticky.

Ubersuave Volumizing Clay Pomade
Blumaan Original Styling Meraki

For the extra oompf or you notice your partner‚Äôs hair style ‚Äúdied down or out of shape‚ÄĚ after half a day, the option of hair sprays and pre-stylers could be incorporated into your partner‚Äôs hair styling routine. This would give him the extra charm you want him to have.

Blind Barber Sea Salt Spray
Ziggy Supply Spritz Prestyler Spray

Next, this would be for those guys who have a beard or mustache. If you notice your boyfriend constantly scratching their chin. This might be early signs of beard dandruff. Beard shampoo would solve their situation and leaving them smelling fresh and scented.

GBS Beard Wash Shampoo
Morgan’s Beard Wash

Of course, if you hope for a change in your boyfriend outlook regarding his facial hair this valentine day. Why not invest in a high-quality razor?

Here’s a new approach in shaving not discussed yet:
Wet Shaving

1. Wet the Brush
Find the right balance of wetness. Wet enough that it picks up soap, but not too wet or else you will lose a good lather. Remember, it is always easier to add water than to take away.


2. Create the Lather
Once soap is on the brush, swirl soaped brush around the bowl to create a lather. The goal is to create a creamy lather. You want to be able to hold the brush upside down and have the lather stick to the brush, but just barely.


3. Applying of Shaving Cream
Leaving the lather on the brush, then using the brush, swirl and paint the lather around your face. This not only applies the soap but helps soften & stand up the hairs your about to shave, plus opens up your pores.


4. Wet Shave!
Use slow, short, light strokes ‚Äď let the weight of the razor do the work. Go with the grain of your hair when possible. Be sure to wash off the razor often between passes, to remove hair and soap from the blade.


5. Apply After Shave
After shaving, wash your face clean of the shaving cream using cold water to help close your pores. Slap on some after shave. (Click here to read more!) 

Parker Black & Chrome Handle Synthetic Bristle Shaving Brush With Brush Stand
Parker 96R - Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor
Proraso Green Shaving Soap In A Bowl 150ml - Menthol And Eucalyptus
Proraso Liquid Cream Aftershave 100ml - Menthol And Eucalyptus

Looking to spice up your relationship with interesting gift? Here are some for considerations.
Admiral Solid Cologne 
The Admiral is commanding, daring and ready for adventure, bravely navigating the elements with force and authority. A subtle hint to your guy’s character. A natural leader in your life.

Colossus Solid Cologne 
Allows him to exudes the characteristics of a true titan ‚Äď one whose presence is larger than life. For your man who is influential and power with the will to shape the world.

English Gentleman Bar Soap 
For the gentleman in him, showing you that chivalry still very much exist in today’s society.

Dapper Dan Bar Soap
Allow him to smell like a well-dressed man. Ready in both appearance and scent, prepared for any date nights.

By now, you would have done enough reading and researching on the ideal gift bundle for your partner. It would be time to trust your instincts despite the paradox of too many choices. Trust that whatever you get, it is the thought and effort that counts on that very special day and your partner would appreciate it!


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