Ace High Co.

2 products
Ace High was born from personal frustrations with other products on the market. In early 2016, Nate began putting together small batches of natural ingredients in search of...
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American Crew

8 products
American Crew is more than just another product supplier. It’s a landmark in the history of men’s grooming. It’s the leading salon brand created specifically for men and...
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7 products
APESTOMEN™ (apes to men) is a Singapore based men's grooming and lifestyle fashion brand dedicated to the continuation of men’s evolution, one step at a time. The modern...
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The Apothecary

12 products
Each of The Apothecary solid cologne is handcrafted to enhance every modern man’s characteristics.  The assorted blends of premium ingredients of herbs, spices, beans and plant extracts, has each scent suiting...
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Arcadian Grooming

5 products
ARCADIAN is a minimalist hair and skincare brand based out of Knoxville, TN. The entire line is designed, developed and manufactured in-house. 
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Bayside Grooming co.

2 products
Bayside Grooming Co. is a home-brew men's grooming supply company located in the beachy coastal town, Newcastle, Australia. They wanted to make men's grooming supplies that are ethical...
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Below The Belt Grooming UK

3 products
  Houston, we have a problem... In 2014, they realised men were experiencing a very real issue that needed addressing. Among the plethora of men’s grooming ranges, there...
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Blind Barber

5 products
The barbershop isn't just a place to get a haircut or a shave. It's the hub of community – where people got together to connect, exchange ideas, just...
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3 products
            Boardwalk was formed out of an interest in creating a healthy alternative pomade in comparisons with the rest in the market. The...
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6 products
  When BluMaan started, their mission has always been to help you find your personal style through the power of hair styling. They also believe that in order...
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Bulldog Skincare For Men

23 products
PURPOSE BUILT FOR MEN Bulldog makes award-winning skincare products that are purpose-built for men, using natural ingredients that really work. Their straightforward products contain a unique blend of...
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By Vilain

13 products
  By Vilain is a Scandinavian lifestyle and haircare brand based in Denmark. By Vilain was created by twins Rasmus and Emil in 2013 in the heart of...
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25 products
Ubersuave Inc. - It is our mission to help discerning individuals like you to discover your All Natural Confidence™ easily through use of our products. Confidence is in appearances, by...
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1101 reviews

Great product and definitely the real deal! The smell is amazing! Not used yet as bought it as gift. From order to delivery - no hiccups and it was quick! 👍🏼👍🏼

Solid clay

Very reliable clay that has a strong hold. With 2 moderate scoops, my hair lasts more than 8 hours on a normal singapore day. Amazing buy!! Would highly recommend To anyone looking for a great holding matte product

Cool effect

Easy to apply using hand so far but have to tried with brush. Like the cooling effect which helps.
Overall good product

Fantastic product

Hair length: 9 inches/23 cm
Hair type: Thick, straight

Hold: natural, replicates the hold of natural hair oils very well.
Application: Easy, the cream is very easy to work into your hair and does not tug or pull at the follicles.
Washability: Easy, cream washes out on a single wash, does not even need shampoo.

Best pre-styler of 2019?

The product dispenses as a cream and breaks down easily in the palms. Application was a breeze. I applied to damp hair and blow dry. Great volume and texture. And it is extremely restylable during the day too. You can use this as a standalone product for a casual day out and it would work just fine :)

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